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Familienausflug Bierle
Familienausflug 2016

A warm welcome from Family Bierle!

Building a connection between tradition and modernity is our motto!

Generations of our family work together in making our wines and spirits. Today, as in the past, the whole family works in unison to make the new wines each year and give them an unmistakable character. Winemaking goes back millennia in our region, and our vineyard has set its wines apart with finely crafted products from centuries of experience. Our white and red wines are of the highest quality and available year round.

Discover Bierle wines and spirits and taste the magic of the wines of Palatinate!

Sincerely Yours, Family Bierle.

Commitment Crew


Philip, the fresh breeze

He was born in 1991 and grew up in Altdorf. After training as a winemaker and some personal exploration, he joined the family business. He is passionate about expanding and maintaining our selection of wines and spirits. In addition to the expansion, his duties include the bottling of our wines and also increase the marketing and customer care.

In the past, he has also demonstrated great talent in organizing & hosting events of all kinds.

Jörg, the winemaker

Born in 1960 and raised in Essingen, Jörg is a trained winegrower who takes care of the vineyards with great enthusiasm. From pruning in winter to soil and foliage care to grape health and grape picking, he performs numerous important tasks in the winery.

He is also the one who, in our distillery, mixes the elixirs of the fruits and herbs to capture their finest aromas.

Renate, the good soul

Born in 1961, today she is the good soul of the business. She is responsible for our customer service, which she does with great dedication and attention to detail. Direct, personal contact is very important to her and to our business.

Renate is also the control centre of the winery and brings together all the important threads with her organizational talent. In addition, she is an excellent cook who pampers not only the family but also our employees & guests every day with new delicacies.

Lennard, the machine whisperer

Our youngest Lennard was born in 1996 and actively supports operations in all areas. Operating our heavy machinery is his driving force. He's been running the grape harvesters for years now and has upgraded to the heavier duty stuff.

In 2017, he started his studies of automotive engineering in Karlsruhe and remains an integral part of the family business.

Lennard, unser Maschinenflüsterer

Through the Generations

Ruth & Horst Litty

Previously the winery in Altdorf and Vinetum Guesthouse were run by Ruth and Horst Litty.
We are so proud and thankful for all the hard work they put in over many years to turn our winery and guesthouse into what it is today.

We miss Horst Litty and his fantastic wine-making skills, which we've learned much from. And Ruth Litty is managing the Guesthouse Vinetum today.

Ruth & Horst Litty

Rudi & Ilse Bierle

From family Bierle comes the Essinger side of our company.
While Ilse worked as a teacher in a Landau primary school, Rudi has continued to run the farm. He was also the first winemaker in town to start bottling.

Our distillery is still standing in his birthplace and today he cares lovingly for our bee colonies.

Des Winzers persönliche Empfehlung
The winemaker's personal recommendation