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Winery & Vineyards in the Palatinate

The winery and distillery Bierle manages today many vineyards and a farm-owned distillery operation, in the wine-growing communities Essingen and Altdorf.

Not only in the picturesque Hainbach Valley does viticulture have an ancient tradition, but also our family has been established here for generations of winemakers. For 400 years, grapes have been processed into wine at our winery. Today we are very proud to have been one of the first families to have started bottling, and since 1995 we have been glad to fully call our stills our own.

Today, as then, the whole family works closely together every year to craft our wines with their unmistakable character. With our assortment of 13 types of wine, we bring you some of the most important grape varieties of the German Wine Route.

Sincerely, Jörg Bierle and family

Liquor, schnapps & Co made in our distillery

“Schnapps” from our Distillery In addition to wine, vintner Jörg is dedicated to the fine crafting of our liqueurs, spirits and schnapps. Still using traditional methods, from local German and French techniques, he has created a revered array of craft spirits for which Bierle Distillery has been awarded gold and silver medals from the highest regional authorities and competitions. 

In our production, we only use the freshest herbs that Mother Nature has given us. As well, our own bee colonies ensure a natural fertilization of the trees. Pomace and Hefebrand are distilled from our own wines. In addition to the single-variety fruit brandies, Jörg always develops his own recipes for our liqueurs. Especially our Herbal Liqueur is highly appreciated by connoisseurs, though we should as well mention his beloved Anise Liqueur. 

With a wide variety of products, each seasonal and small-batch, we encourage you to have a look at what Jörg and the team have concocted lately.

ISW Gold-Auszeichnung 2006

Guesthouse - Vinetum

The Guesthouse Vinetum not only has been awarded three stars, but is also located at the foot of the sun-kissed hills of the Palatinate Forest. Surrounded by vineyards, it lies on the edge of the small wine village Altdorf.

The hospitable and familiar atmosphere of the inn invites you to linger and relax. The Mediterranean ambience, the large Mediterranean garden and the lovingly furnished rooms allow a pleasant respite- far away from everyday life.

We would like to invite you to spend a wonderful time with us in one of our five double rooms or in one of the two apartments. Each of our rooms has its own balcony overlooking the rolling hills of the vineyards of the Palatinate Forest. Inspired by the view, you can partake in the full morning breakfast buffet and start your day full of energy.

In addition to the renowned wineries in the vicinity, there are many castles and beautiful hikes nearby. In addition, we offer you a parking space for your car or bike, free Wi-Fi throughout the house and a TV in every room - because even in the sunny Palatinate the weather does not always play along. Our guest house is also suitable for conferences and meetings.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Wine tavern Litty in Altdorf, Germany

The restaurant Litty still bears witness to the good old days. The restaurant, furnished with a rustic atmosphere and furniture from a bygone era, contains stories from the past 100 years.

Pictures, texts and illustrations give us an idea of the stories that this house has experienced. In memory of the family and the tradition, we decided to leave the restaurant by the old name.

Four times a year we open our doors and gates for you. We would like to warmly welcome you to experience the flair of the Palatinate with a local food in the courtyard of the winery or in our dining room the flair of the Palatinate.

All dishes are regional and seasonal.

The winemaker's personal recommendation