Zusammen geht mehr

Our first mate - Philipp Bierle

Foundation of the 

"Pirate Base Project"

This year has changed a lot for us. Through new inspiring influences and friendships, we have realized how much we can still learn from each other, and at the same time how much we can give others on their own journeys.

That's why we want to offer freethinkers, creatives and travellers a space to exist for a while. First and foremost, it's not meant as a welfare program, but building a productive, transformational community where everyone is welcome and able to bring their own individual experiences to add to the collective ecosystem.

The size and history of the winery offer a good base for launching many potential projects. The winery has old staff rooms, storage rooms and green spaces that could be used far more meaningfully. There is a lot to do and so much that could be done. Thus we conceived the idea to give our space, with influences from all over the world, a new function and create space for expanding creativity. Our "pirates" have the opportunity to realize their own projects or help others to realize their ideas.

The idea is simple: for the help at the winery, we offer each pirate food and lodging as well as any help with the realization of their projects - as good as we can!

Where the journey leads us, we can not say with certainty today. However, we are looking forward to every pirate, which we may welcome soon.

Would you love to be a part of it?

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