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Wine Subscription

Enjoy our new Wine Subscription

Why not make your life a little easier -- or do the same for a friend -- with our new Wine Subscription package.

Our customers are always telling us of wine scarcities, but from November 2017 we offer a regular service of wine delivery to your doorstep. No more worrying about running out of wine at your next event.

Create your own Personalized Subscription

Which wines do you love the most and how much of it can we deliver to you?

Choose from:
White Wine - Red Wine - Rosé - Mixed Crate

You can choose as well from our three delivery options:
-- Weekly -- Monthly -- Every three months

Please send us your selection and we will send you a non-binding price.

True to our Pirate spirit, we offer:
-- Save 20% on every box -- Free Shipping -- No minimum duration!*

Pirate Base Project:
Actively support our Pirate Base with every purchase: with every bottle you purchase, donate 20ct to our pirates.

*You may cancel informally by mail, up to 5 working days prior the sending date.

Bierles Wein Abo ganz unkompliziert

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