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Along with a lot of love, our wine is made according to our motto "Bringing Together Tradition and Modernity." This is how we craft our vivid wines with unmistakable taste and character. But which one should you choose?

Find your new favourite wine at a private wine tasting in our yard or Guesthouse Vinetum.

1. A private wine tasting with the stay at our Guesthouse Vinetum.
Our picturesque guesthouse is the perfect excuse for a relaxing country getaway. In addition to a thorough wine tasting of some of the best German varieties, you can take a long stroll through the sun-drenched Palatinate countryside, perhaps visit some castles, and then for dinner in our traditional German restaurant, full of charm in our 400-year-old Weingut. We look forward to your inquiry. Please, let us know what you are interested in.

2. Evening wine tasting without overnight stay
Experience an unforgettable evening with friends in our Restaurant & Winery Litty, and discover your favourite wine from our own collection. The Gaststube, with its lovely local atmosphere, is the perfect setting to discover the richness of old Palatinate wines. We look forward to your inquiry.

We offer our tastings for parties of at least 12 people at this time.

For further information and special booking requests, we are happy to assist you personally during business hours via telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp.

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